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Sunday, October 25, 2009


  1. New Blog Posting: As expected and predicted -- Swine Flu back with a vengeance http://bit.ly/OwsFY
  2. Universal phone charger OK'd --- Thank God http://viigo.im/1hTG
  3. New Blog Posting: Seven tips from Dr. Oz to prevent a heart attackhttp://bit.ly/1YOG06
  4. I agree with most of these recommendations - Seven tips from Dr. Oz to prevent a heart attack http://viigo.im/1hNq
  5. @jamesbeckerman thanks. Had not heard of this association previously. Just starting to follow now. #NAMCnews
  6. Orexigen obesity drug shows added benefits -- lowers cholesterolhttp://viigo.im/1htX
  7. Autumn in Southern CT -- just beautiful http://twitpic.com/mqc9d
  8. Review: Statins reduce mortality and cardiovascular events in adults at risk for cardiovascular disease http://viigo.im/1hlq
  9. Obama visited Stamford today -- nice to get a dose of presidential love once in a while
  10. RT @theheartorg: heartwire: NT-proBNP "remarkable predictor" of incident atrial fibrillation http://bit.ly/1Jsj4l
  11. I love this time of year in New England (the foliage is just beautiful and you can smell football in the air)
  12. RT @heartdisease: Omega-3 deficiency may be hurting our hearts - http://trim.li/nk/sq7
  13. Poll: If there was a way to get more time in your day, how much time would you want/need? 0hr? 1hr? 2hr? 4hr? 8hr?
  14. I'm convinced I need another 4 hours in everyday to do all that I need/want to do -- anybody know someone who can give me those hours?
  15. The Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health http://viigo.im/1h37
  16. The H1N1 Flu and Heart Disease http://viigo.im/1h30
  17. Review: Statins reduce mortality and cardiovascular events in adults at risk for cardiovascular disease http://viigo.im/1h2Z
  18. Three Runners Die Suddenly During Detroit Marathonhttp://viigo.im/1h2O
  19. Why doctors should reconsider ordering a CRP to screen patients for heart disease http://viigo.im/1h2N
  20. Groups Develop New Algorithm for Type 2 Diabeteshttp://viigo.im/1h2K
  21. Liraglutide Beneficial for Non-Diabetic Obese Adultshttp://viigo.im/1h2z
  22. The Powerless Patient Syndrome - why do patients continue going to doctors they don't like ? http://viigo.im/1h2u
  23. Obese People Without Diabetes: Liraglutide Reduces Weight And Prevalence Of Risk Factors http://viigo.im/1gLv
  24. Relation of Troponin I Levels Following Nonemergent PCI to Short- and Long-Term Outcomes http://viigo.im/1gLm
  25. @Berci Well done my friend. I just opened up the latest edition of mdng magazine (prime care/card edit) & there Webicina is on page 18
  26. @perpetualwealth thanks for the follow.
  27. Screening for Depression and Suicidality in Patients With Cardiovascular Illnesses http://viigo.im/1grP
  28. Was hoping for a Yankee v Dodger world series - esp from a historical perspective. Oh well, an Amtrack series (nyc vs philly) would b cool 2
  29. Very cool -- RT @DrVes: Google Chrome is available as a Portable download - no install needed, runs from a USB drivehttp://bit.ly/2i5lET
  30. Iloprost prevents contrast-induced nephropathy in high-risk patients undergoing coronary intervention http://viigo.im/1fVc
  31. Yeah!!!!! Coming to Google Labs: Social search resultshttp://viigo.im/1fUX
  32. RT @TCTMD: Registry Data Show Less Angina as PCI Evolves...www.tctmd.com/show.aspx?id=...
  33. @HEARTSTRONG1 We now have Rx's in phase III trial that will make warfarin obsolete - direct thrombin inhibitors and factor Xa inhibitors
  34. @cardiosource less than 5%
  35. Vegetable Juice Aided In Dietary Support For Weight Loss And Lower Blood Pressure http://viigo.im/1fIS
  36. Current risk equations may overestimate CVD risk in diabetic patients http://viigo.im/1fIO
  37. @Andrew_Large Here's the source of this novel mechanism of cardioprotection http://ow.ly/vLUL
  38. NPD Finds Moms' Eating Habits And Nutritional Knowledge Influences What Their Kids Eat http://viigo.im/1fpj
  39. Statin drugs lower costs and complications of aortic surgeryhttp://viigo.im/1feP
  40. Just one-third of heart-failure patients receive aldosterone antagonists http://viigo.im/1feL
  41. LETTERS: Lipoprotein(a) Measurement and Determining Risk of Myocardial Infarction http://viigo.im/1feI
  42. A diagnosis of CVD was significantly associated with risk of subsequent hip fracture http://viigo.im/1feH
  43. Omega-3 Augmentation of Sertraline in Treatment of Depression in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease http://viigo.im/1feC
  44. Is patent foramen ovale closure indicated for migraine?: PFO Closure Is Not Indicated for Migraine http://viigo.im/1few
  45. Is patent foramen ovale closure indicated for migraine?http://viigo.im/1feu
  46. I'm a big user of intravascular ultrasound - I never cease to be amazed at how often angio over/under-estimates dzhttp://viigo.im/1feg
  47. Alternate-day fasting: a novel dietary strategy for weight loss and cardioprotection #Obesity#eating disorders http://viigo.im/1fdX
  48. More reasons to eat chocolate!!!! http://viigo.im/1fdS
  49. Fiber, fiber, fiber -- the more you eat, the fuller you feel -- proven to be inversely related to fat levels http://viigo.im/1fdM
  50. Intermittent fasting does not affect whole-body glucose, lipid, or protein metabolism http://viigo.im/1fdJ
  51. Are energy-dense foods really cheaper? Reexamining the relation between food price and energy density http://viigo.im/1fdH
  52. @Andrew_Large what's the source?
  53. Not good!!!RT @heartdisease: ... A sperm donor passed on a potentially deadly genetic .. http://1cxrl.tk
  54. New Blog Posting: Facebook http://bit.ly/sIfzZ
  55. SCAI Statement on JAMA Study Showing Reduction in Heart Attack Mortality http://viigo.im/1faZ
  56. Timing of Noncardiac Surgery After Coronary Artery Stenting With Bare Metal or Drug-Eluting Stents http://viigo.im/1f4c
  57. I could not agree more -- SCAI Can Not Support Draft Senate Finance Committee's Version of Health Care Reformhttp://viigo.im/1f4b
  58. Comparative Effectiveness of ACE Inhibitors or Angiotensin II-Receptor Blockers for Ischemic Heart Disease http://viigo.im/1f49
  59. RT @HEARTSTRONG1: Support Women with Heart Disease with Heartscarves http://ow.ly/v0o1
  60. RT @NutritionExpert Your body burns more calories post-workout after doing intervals than after doing a steady paced workout#exercise
  61. RT @heartdisease: Exercise Helps Brains Bounce Back -http://m1e1v.tk
  62. Reducing Cardiovascular Risks of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs by Using Topical Formulations http://viigo.im/1ejP
  63. Is there a way to report twitter SPAM?
  64. Amazing, infuriating that SPAM has made its way to twitter!!!
  65. RT @fitoverfifty: 55% of early deaths are due to poor decisions: smoking, overeating, unsafe sex, etc. In 1900 it was 5%.
  66. RT @thegreatwarning: How Could Someone In Nearly Perfect Health Die From Cardiac Arrest? http://bit.ly/3caddP
  67. @Berci Interestingly, you can use the website for free as a tracker for activity and nutrition log without having to buy the device.
  68. @Berci I like the idea. I'm a fan of anything that motivates people to get healthy and fit. Way too expensive though!
  69. Meta-Analysis Finds Flu Linked to Heart Attack and Deathhttp://viigo.im/1dQA
  70. Many Factors Figure Into Cardiovascular Risk Estimationhttp://viigo.im/1dQz
  71. Well done Strick - you are a great Doc: Physician of the Year at St. V's called compassionate - http://9vf1t.tk
  72. Wear Fitbit all day long... Interesting looking device - thanks @Bercihttp://ow.ly/v4iz
  73. @dryadusingh Thanks for the follow
  74. Fish Oil Deemed Safe for Antiplatelet Therapy Patientshttp://ow.ly/v3Ws
  75. How to Know You Won't Have a Sudden-Death Heart Attack Over the Next Ten Years http://ow.ly/v3Wg
  76. Controversial -- Folate Linked to Fewer Deaths in Coronary Artery Disease http://viigo.im/1dDM
  77. The Heart Truth: what's that little red dress all about?http://viigo.im/1dDL
  78. Wise owls tweet with #HootSuitehttp://hootsuite.com
  79. RT @fitoverfifty: RT @HarvardHealth: high BP increases risk of cognitive impairment http://bit.ly/1fWjgV (so #exercise & watch#sodium)
  80. By increasing levels of HDL by just 1%, the risk of heart disease can be reduced by 2% in men and 3% among women

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