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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekly Tweets - October 17th

  1. RT @heartdisease: How to Know You Won't Have a Sudden-Death Heart Attack Over the Next ... http://xgl0l.tk
  2. The American Heart Association suggests that people should eat @ least two servings of oily fish each week to help keep their hearts healthy
  3. Higher Fees for Workers with Health Risks? http://bit.ly/1PWO5G
  4. Aging may be able to be prevented -- the wonders of genetics continues to amaze me!! http://bit.ly/3wviUs
  5. Oops -- here's the link: http://bit.ly/1kWRaI
  6. Cigarettes on sale on the internet
  7. A whey protein supplement decreases post-prandial glycemiahttp://viigo.im/1cRh
  8. Coronary Angiography Found Safe in Chronic Kidney Diseasehttp://viigo.im/1cRg
  9. Report By Nutrilite Health Institute Is First Major Analysis Of NHANES Fruit And Vegetable Consumption By Colorhttp://viigo.im/1cRe
  10. His and hers heart attacks http://viigo.im/1cRd
  11. No link seen between heart failure and coffee intakehttp://viigo.im/1cRa
  12. Zero CAC score not 100% reassuring in those presenting to ER with chest pain http://viigo.im/1cR8
  13. Please --- Ask Your Senator to Support S.1776 and Eliminate Medicare Payment Cuts http://viigo.im/1cR5
  14. Ahhhh - the life of a interventionalist - 5pm, wanna go home & see my wife and kids but gotta go cath a pt with unstable angina & abn stress
  15. RT @heartdisease: 38K people die each year from secondhand smoke. 36K die from the flu. http://bit.ly/3mTJ6r
  16. Taken at the gym this am -- Enough Said!!!!!http://twitpic.com/lpxkh
  17. RT @HeartsHealth: MedicalNewsToday: Surgeons Find That Statin Drugs Lower Costs In Aortic Aneurysm Repair http://bit.ly/38j00v
  18. Intervention May Benefit Trial-Ineligible Heart Patientshttp://viigo.im/1cya
  19. Sleep Apnea In Obese Patients Unlikely To Be Cured Solely By Improved Diet And Exercise http://viigo.im/1cy9
  20. Its SNOWING here in fairfield, cT
    1. As I blogged about -- I'm still amazed and depressed: People with CAD Fail To Respond to Education and Counseling!http://viigo.im/1cha
    2. RT @AHAScience: Two different survivors, two different stories of inspiration. http://tinyurl.com/nc35nc
    3. U.S. Report Links Smoking Bans and Heart Healthhttp://viigo.im/1cf8
    4. RT @healthy_heart: A Heart Attack Can Bring Down The Healthy Also http://bit.ly/1JcTJx
    5. During Pregnancy A High Fat Diet Can Lead To Severe Liver Disease In Offspring http://viigo.im/1c6e
    6. Breast cancer survivors also at increased risk for developing heart disease http://viigo.im/1c6d
    7. Heart healthy? You can do better than coconut oil. http://bit.ly/2qyIji
    8. http://bit.ly/2qyIji http://bit.ly/2qyIji
    9. Poland launches Auschwitz page on Facebook -- we can NEVER FORGET!!!! http://viigo.im/1bIY
    10. New Blog Posting: Here's an example of the wonders of a support group http://bit.ly/Gv2uv
    11. New Blog Posting: The Fun Theory http://bit.ly/ne8BO
    12. @heartpatients Check out my blog post from earlier today - I think you will find it interesting
    13. Hi folks! Mind dropping me a recommendation at http://bit.ly/rNxmi ? Much appreciated! #MrTweet
    14. @DailyMeHealth Found you through @MrTweet. Looking forward to your tweets!
    15. @DrVes Found you through @MrTweet. Looking forward to your tweets!
    16. @AHA_nutweetion Found you through @MrTweet. Looking forward to your tweets!
    17. Have you tried the new and improved @mrtweet? Get great people recommendations with one click. http://mrtweet.com?v=20
    18. my vitality compass at bluezones.com says my life expectancy is 92.9 years!!!!!
    19. RT @foundersheart: Just now: NYC bans sale of flavored tobacco products in the 5 boroughs leading nation in the fight against Big Tobacco
    20. The quest for the next great biomarker continueshttp://viigo.im/1bAa
      1. I'm proud to have worked directly with Dr Krumholz while I was at Yale: Hospital to Home: Another Chance to Leadhttp://viigo.im/1bA8
      2. Meta-analysis suggests statins may help fight infectionshttp://viigo.im/1bA2
      3. A fish tale with merit: Omega-3 PUFAs underrated for heart failurehttp://viigo.im/1bA1
      4. Expert council focuses on left main PCI: Guideline changes suggested http://viigo.im/1bzN
      5. New Blog Posting: Heart Club - Cardiac Support Grouphttp://bit.ly/14uN8f
      6. RT @HealthMadeEasy: Help Prevent Depression by Sticking to the Mediterranean Diet - http://tinyurl.com/yznsd4h #Diet #Depression#Health
      7. Endovascular Aneurysm Repair May Reduce Early Mortalityhttp://viigo.im/1bo4
      8. Personal Best: Is the Exercise Cool-Down Really Necessary?http://viigo.im/1bnZ
      9. Candy Bar Or Healthy Snack? Free Choice Not As Free As We Think http://viigo.im/1bnW
      10. For young mom, new CPR beat back death http://viigo.im/1bnT
      11. Remember: most heart pain is NOT really painful -- its tightness, squeezing or pressure in the chest. Please DO NOT ignore these symptoms
      12.  ⁠ Knowledgeable Patients Ignore Chest Pain -- as I blogged about earlier today http://bit.ly/3cdZns
      13. RT @RealAge: Teens more likely to quit smoking with phone counseling program support: http://tinyurl.com/yhtssfz
      14. DAPT -- I take this study to the IRB next week, hopefully we will begin enrollment very soon http://viigo.im/1aW9
      15. Lifestyle Counseling May Help Obese With Weight Losshttp://viigo.im/1aW7
      16. Preoperative Biomarker Levels May Predict Cardiac Eventshttp://viigo.im/1aW6
      17. Here's the NPR story I too blogged about -- See Your Doctor: The Dawn of Consumer Drug Ads http://viigo.im/1aW3
      18. Google Wave invites roll on, remain scarce -- got my invite last night, only problem - I have no friends to wave 2http://viigo.im/1aW0
      19. Cooling is catching on for cardiac arrest patients - I have personally have seen amazing "saves" with hypothermia http://viigo.im/1aVY
      20. Diuretics effective as second-line therapy for hypertension - I frequently add this to other Rx, works great http://viigo.im/1aVW
        1. I would agree that my ability 2 safely perform a procedure is not affected by an emergency procedure the night be4http://viigo.im/1aVT
        2. @PatWyman thanks for the RT
        3. Medical students at UMDNJ required to have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch http://bit.ly/ioZz
        4. New Blog Posting: Patient Education - We Still Have Not Found What Works for Cardiac Patients http://bit.ly/eCx6S
        5. New Blog Posting: Selling Sickness http://bit.ly/mJplb
        6. Brain Seems to Play Role in Resveratrol's Diabetes Effecthttp://viigo.im/1aBs
        7. How being a good patient helps you to get a good doctorhttp://viigo.im/1aBq
        8. 10 years after, Columbia heart surgery study still causing problemshttp://viigo.im/1aBo
        9. Women and Ischemic Heart Disease: Evolving Knowledgehttp://viigo.im/1anN
        10. Glucocorticoids seen to double risk of atrial arrhythmiashttp://viigo.im/1afN
        11. The lower the LDL the better http://viigo.im/1afJ
        12. Genetic variant again linked with statin side effectshttp://viigo.im/1afC
        13. Exercise Could Help Chronic Kidney Disease Patientshttp://viigo.im/1ab5
        14. Therapeutic Hypothermia Journal Announced By Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. http://viigo.im/1ab3
        15. Association Between Mediterranean Diet And Reduced Risk Of Depression http://viigo.im/1a8p
        16. Bioengineers Make Three Dimensional Living "Heart Patch"http://viigo.im/1a8o
        17. Beautifl day here in SouthWest CT - 2 bad not a good day to be a Red Sox fan. Guess I'll have 2 get used 2 saying "there's always next year"
        18. Yes, Yes, Yes --- Should doctors be paid to e-mail their patients?http://viigo.im/19Dv
        19. The Missing Medical Entrepreneurs http://viigo.im/19uQ
        20. Medicare Cutbacks Threaten To Put Cardiac Care Out Of Reach For Millions Of Rural Americans http://viigo.im/19mL

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