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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We need a Lance Armstrong

I'm a huge Lance Armstrong fan. His story of beating cancer and then coming back and winning the Tour de France was truly amazing.
Helps that he is built for riding. He has an unbelievable stroke volume. His resting heart rate is in the high 20's.

While this story has been widely publicized (as was his relationship with Sheryl Crowe), its his commitment to his Livestrong foundation that I find most inspiring. After retiring, Lance focused much of his attention towards forwarding the foundation and its quest to find a cure for cancer. Lance uses all of his celebrity power to continue to push his foundation forward. His used technology (website/twitter) to keep the Livestrong foundation current.

He has found that he is much more effective out of retirement than in, so he is back on his bike (his clothes and bike all billboards for the foundation). It does not hurt that he is fiercely competitive and despite his hiatus from competitive cycling, he was back on the podium in third place by the end of the Tour.

He just founded his own Tour de France cycling team with RadioShack.

He also just won the Leadville 100, an impossibly challenging 100 mile mountain bike race. He did not just win it, he won by almost 30min, smashed the course record by 15min and rode the final 10 miles on a flat tire.

As a dedicated cardiologist, committed to fighting heart disease, I'm jealous of Lance. I want a Lance for my cause. Heart disease and Stroke are the number one and three killers of all americans. We need a Lance for our cause.

Go Lance, you ROCK!!!

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