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Friday, August 14, 2009

Cardiovascular Effects of Weight Loss in Obesity

Patients who are obese have significant cardiovascular responses - including:
  • thickening of the walls of the heart
  • increased stiffness of the heart leading to heart failure
  • increased stiffness of the aorta leading to high blood pressure
In a recent article published in JACC, 30 patients with severe obesity were followed pre and post weight loss. The weight loss was by diet in 17 patients and bariatric surgery in 13 patients. Weight loss of also accompanied by improvement in patients sugars and decrease in cardiac CRP.

Irrespective of the mode of weight loss, with weight loss, study subjects had significant decreases in the thickness of the walls of the heart, smaller heart chambers, and less heart and aortic stiffness. 

Therefore, weight loss, whether by diet or surgery, can lead to significant improvements in the cardiovascular responses to obesity and their involvement in heart failure, diabetes and hypertension. 


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