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Monday, August 17, 2009

Omega-3 Supplementation Reduces Cardiovascular Events

Results of a new meta-analysis have demonstrated that dietary
supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids decreases cardiac deaths,
nonfatal cardiovascular events and all cause mortality. These benefits
were most apparent in patients with high risk disease (metabolic
syndrome, diabetes, obesity, known cardiac or vascular diseases).

Additionally, omega-3 fatty acid supplementaion appeared to confer
additional benefits in patients adhering to a Mediterranean diet.

While the optimal dose of omega-3 supplementation is unclear, even low
dose (1g/day) appears to be affective.

I am a proponent of using prescription omega-3 in my practice. It goes
through a 5-step process to create a highly purified
omega-3 medication and is the only omega-3 preparation monitored and
approved by the FDA.

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