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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Best Health and Fitness Apps (According to me)

I love technology, especially the smartphone. I specifically love how the smartphone can be used to improve and track fitness, health, nutrition and even emotional well being. 

My current smartphone of choice is the Apple iPhone 6. Below you will find a list of iPhone Apps that I recommend for health and fitness. I have tried them all but the ones I currently use are starred (*) and at the top of each category. 

Please let me know if these are helpful and if you have found others to add to the list. 

Fitness Trackers
Apple's Health App (iPhone 5s/6/6 plus) *
Nike+ Fuel
Jawbone Up

Exercise Trackers
Runkeeper *

Food Trackers

Virtual Personal Trainers
FitStar *
Nike+ training Club *

Just Getting Started
7 Minute Workout Challenge
Couch to 5K

Yoga Studio *
Daily Yoga

Breathe *

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"I'm working out but still not losing weight"

I hear this complaint frequently from my patients. 

Here are some reasons why this may be occurring:
  • You are eating too much - weight loss is all about math - you must be burning more than you are consuming 
  • You are eating the the wrong foods - eat a well balanced whole food/whole grain/mostly plant based diet, try and avoid all processed food and simple carbohydrates
  • You are not working out hard enough - High Intensity Interval Training is the key - it keeps the metabolism revved up for hours afterwards. Remember, the harder you train the shorter your workout need to be. 
  • You are doing too much cardio - too much cardio will eat away at lean muscle and force the body into endurance-focused mode which leads the body to store fat as energy
  • You are not doing strength training - there's no better way to build lean muscle mass and charge the way your body looks in the mirror
  • You are not taking time to recover - great time to do yoga, meditation or/and stretching