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Friday, October 30, 2009

Know Your Numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must know these numbers to ensure that you do everything possible reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and vascular disease.


Total Cholesterol (fasting): 
- Desirable: less than 200 mg/dL
- Borderline High: 200-239 mg/dL
- High: > 240 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol (fasting):
- <40 mg/dL for men and <50mg/dL is a major risk factor for cardivascular disease

LDL Cholesterol (fasting):
- optimal: <100mg/dL
- near optimal: 100-129 mg/dL
- High: > 130 mg/dL

Blood Glucose (fasting):
- Normal: 99 mg/dL and below
- Prediabetes: 100-125 mg/dL
- Diabetes: >125 mg/dL

Blood Pressure:
- Normal: < 120/80 mm/Hg
- Prehypertension: 120/80 - 139/89
- Hypertension: > 140/90

Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI): A test that compares the blood pressure readings in your arms and ankles to help determine whether you have PAD
- Normal: 1.0-1.3
- Possible PAD: 0.91-0.99 or > 1.3
- PAD: < 0.90

P.A.D. - Take steps to learn about Peripheral Arterial Disease

PAD (peripheral arterial disease) means clogged arteries in your legs. It raises your risk for heart attack and stroke.
PAD develops when your arteries become clogged with plaque-fattty deposits that limit blood flow to your legs
Just like clogged arteries in the heart, clogged arteries in the legs mean you are at higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
Symptoms of PAD: fatigue, heaviness cramping or pain in the leg muscles during activity that goes away with rest
Other symptoms of PAD: leg or foot pain that disturbs sleep and/or sores/wounds/ulcers on the toes/feet/legs that are slow to heal
Risk Factors for PAD:
  • age > 50
  • African American
  • current or ex-tobacco use
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Personal history of vascular disease, heart attack or stroke
Questions for your Health Care Provider:
  1. Does my medical history raise my risk for PAD?
  2. Do I need to do anything about my blood glucose, blood pressure or cholesterol?
  3. Which screening tests or exams are right for me?
  4. If I have PAD, what steps should I take to treat it?
  5. What steps can I take to reduce my risks for heart attack and stroke?
  6. What can I do to quit smoking? 

Researchers say aspirin use may be linked to Brilinta's effectiveness

From ACC:

Bloomberg News (10/30, Kelley) reports that "AstraZeneca Plc is looking into whether greater use of aspirin reduces the effectiveness of its experimental clot-busting medicine Brilinta [ticagrelor]." Earlier this year, the drug "beat Sanofi-Aventis SA and Bristol- Myers Squibb Co.'s blood thinner Plavix [clopidogrel] in a study, preventing 16 percent more heart attacks, strokes, and deaths." On Thursday, however, the drugmaker "said...that researchers noticed a link between higher doses of aspirin and Brilinta's potency." Reuters (10/29) also covered the story
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hot off the Press: Update on Diabetes

Taken from a newsletter sent out by the ACC:

Diabetes cases rising rapidly in US, survey indicates.WebMD (10/28, Hendrick) reported that "diabetes cases are rising rapidly in the US, with the disease afflicting 11.3% of American adults in the third quarter of 2009, according to a new Gallup survey." Should "current trends continue," according to Gallup, "more than 37 million will be living with the disease by the end of 2015." WebMD added, "Not coincidentally, the survey shows the US obesity rate is up about one percentage point in quarter-over-quarter comparisons to 2008."       

Diet, exercise may reduce diabetes risk in certain individuals, study suggests. The Chicago Tribune (10/29, Graham) reports that "interventions urging people to lose weight and get more exercise reduced the incidence of diabetes," according to a new study published in the journal The Lancet.       

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (10/29, Fabregas) reports that "the study, known as the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study," is "sponsored by the National Institutes of Health." Researchers found "that lowering fat and calories in the diet and increasing regular exercise to 150 minutes a week cut the rate of developing type 2 diabetes by 34 percent in overweight and obese people."       

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/29, Templeton) reports, participants who "took metformin prevented the onset of type 2 by 18 percent, compared with the control group on a placebo." The Miami Herald (10/29, Tasker), MedPage Today (10/28, Gever), WebMD (10/28, Boyles), HealthDay (10/28, Reinberg), Reuters (10/29, Steenhuysen), and the UK's Press Association (10/29) and BBC News (10/29) also covered the story
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diet Beats Drugs for Diabetes Prevention

This is huge!!!!

"Lifestyle changes resulting in long-term weight loss of just a few pounds proved to be roughly twice as effective as drug treatment for preventing type 2 diabetes in an ongoing government-sponsored trial."


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Swine Flu is Everywhere!!!

Swine Flu is Everywhere!!! Please, please, please -- WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

FYI: I've had many discussions with my Infectious Disease Specialist friends, Purell works as well (maybe even better since no really washes their hands well)

Get your flus shot too!!!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


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