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Saturday, May 8, 2010

@drportnay is ranked #14

Glad to hear that people out there are appreciating my work. This feels real good. I enjoy sharing the news and my opinions with you all.

@HeartDisease_OW: @drportnay is ranked #14 on @organizedwisdom Heart Disease Expert Leaderboard for April. Leaders: http://bit.ly/bBkpU6 Congrats Dr. Portnay!

Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/HeartDisease_OW/statuses/13625567770


  1. Can I post a question directly to Dr. Portnay about my heart dicease? Thanks

  2. You can definitely post a question here. I will be happy to answer it. However, the answer will be in general terms and should be used as education that can be used as discussion generating between you and your personal physician.