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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly Tweets - 1st addition

I'm going to start a weekly posting of all my "tweets" on twitter on a weekly basis - here goes:

Hypothesis Generating News: Chemical Exposure Key to Rising Death Rates in Diabetes, Other Diseases http://viigo.im/09zn from Viigo

Prevention News: Drug Prevents Stomach Ulcers from Low-Dose Aspirin (CME/CE) http://viigo.im/09zl from Viigo

Exercise/Health News: Fatty Liver Disease Responds to Extra Exercise http://viigo.im/09zi from Viigo

News: New Report Finds American Obesity Rates Climb Again - Fruits & Vegetables Important To Combating Obesity http://viigo.im/098E from Viigo

Heart News: Discovery Of Molecule That Regulates Heart Size By Using Zebrafish Screening Model http://viigo.im/098B from Viigo

Vascular News: MicroRNAs Hold Promise For Treating Diseases In Blood Vessels http://viigo.im/098z from Viigo

Vascular News: Gladstone Scientists Identify Genetic Factors That Hold Promise For Treatment Of Vascular Diseases http://viigo.im/098r from Viigo

Nutrition News: Cutting Calories May Be Key To Evolutionary Fitness http://viigo.im/085M from Viigo

Policy News: We can't let this happen - proposed cuts to card payments in Medicare physician fee schedule for 2010 http://viigo.im/07Ww from Viigo

Nutrition News: Vegetarians Have Lower Cancer Risk, UK Study http://viigo.im/07Bu from Viigo

Poll: What Do You Think of Banning Drug Industry Gifts to Doctors? I would love to hear your comments http://viigo.im/07Bp from Viigo

Preventio News: Food For Thought: Report Published Into The UK's Health - here in US we must do more http://viigo.im/07Bn from Viigo

Nutrition News: Patient Money: Weight Loss on a Sliding Financial Scale http://viigo.im/07Bk from Viigo

Is there a link between exercise and happiness? http://viigo.im/07w3 from Viigo

For Research On Protective Effects Of Fish Oil In Stroke LSUHSC MD/PHD Student Awarded NIH Grant http://viigo.im/07vW from Viigo

Nearly Half of U.S. States' Adult Obesity Rates Increased This Year http://viigo.im/07vT from Viigo

Well: Eating to Fuel Exercise http://viigo.im/07vG from Viigo

The Need for New Research to Include Old Patients http://viigo.im/07vB from Viigo

ARMYDA-RECAPTURE published: Statin reload before PCI http://viigo.im/07vu from Viigo

Warnings for smoking-cessation drugs varenicline, bupropion http://viigo.im/07vm from Viigo

NYC: Aiming Wide in City War on Smoking. Anyone think this will work? Doesn't everyone who smokes no it is bad? http://viigo.im/05NQ from Viigo

Health Delivery Tops IOM's Comparative Effectiveness Research Priorities http://viigo.im/05B8 from Viigo

Original content: Massive vitamin-D/omega-3 trial for prevention of CardioVascular Disease http://viigo.im/04FT from Viigo

New Approach To Treating MI Reduces Risk Of severe Complications: my practice has bn doing this routinely for yrs http://viigo.im/04FJ from Viigo

Why Industry May Back Limits on Junk Food in Schools -- I'm all for whatever it takes to fight childhood obesity http://viigo.im/04Ff from Viigo

Wolves in sheep's clothing: Don't ignore white-coat and masked hypertension://www.theheart.org/article/982461.do from web

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