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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just discovered this great website. When I went to read the information "about" it - I could not believe it - they are preaching exactly the same message that I have been trying to preach here in this blog. Here is what they say:

"Our Mission:To provide people with leading-edge knowledge and tools necessary for a healthy and active life at any age.

Our Beliefs:The current US healthcare system, with its focus on treating the symptoms of disease rather than its underlying causes, has led to a population with the highest levels of chronic disease and obesity in the country’s history.

There is hope. People have the ability to improve their health, halt chronic illness, and lessen the need for prescribed medications. With the right combination of improved eating habits, regular activity, and established good-health practices, anyone can enjoy a life of enhanced health.
A healthy eating plan is not a diet; healthy eating means choosing the right foods in the correct proportions. With the proper balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and nutritious fats, a healthy eating plan is one of the fastest ways to achieve optimal health.

Regular physical movement is a vital component of a program for excellent health. A combination of activities that encourage cardiac and lung health, flexibility, and muscle resistance can lead to a fitter, stronger body.

Our objective is to provide a guide to healthy practices for you to lead an energetic, vital, and fulfilling life."


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