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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How I use my iPhone to keep me motivated

I love mobile technology and specifically smartphones. I was an early adopter. I started with a Treo 600. Then I transitioned to Blackberry and now to the iPhone.

I love this device for many reasons but the app environment is what makes it so special.

What I want to do today is share with you some of the apps I use on my iPhone to help keep me motivated while I exercise. They fall into different categories and I will share with you some of the apps that I find helpful. After reading my short blurbs about each app, follow the links -- each developer does a much better job than I do describing their apps in pictures and words.

Apps that track what I do:

This is a terrific app. It uses the iPhones GPS to track every run I go on. It tracks my distance, time and speed. It even gives me updates as to my pace during my run. There are also built in coaching tips. I can see my progress on the phone or on the web. I use this app all the time. 

This is my new favorite app. Just turn the app on and carry your iPhone in your pocket. It will magically track your steps for the day. It also does integrate in with the GPS and can give me a storyline of where I have been throughout the day. It can tell the difference when I am walking, biking or running. Its an amazing little app and I check it routinely throughout the day to keep tabs on how I'm doing. When it is clear that I am falling behind on my quest to reach 10,000 steps/day - I force myself to get up and get moving. 

Apps that keep my mind occupied while exercising:

I love listening to books. I listen to them constantly during my commute up and down the Merritt Parkway between Fairfield and Stamford. But I also listen to books during my workouts. This will not work for everyone -- some need music to keep them moving. Yet, I find that if I get lost in a good book, I totally can ignore the pain and misery my workout may be causing me. Audible is a amazon.com product. It is a subscription service that lets you download books and listen to them on your iPhone. It is simple to use and I just love it.

Of all the streaming music radio services, I always come back to Pandora. I hate buying music, making playlists and syncing them to my phone. Who has time for that? With Pandora, you just select a type of music or specific artist that you like to listen to and viola! it will create a terrific playlist for you. This works great for workout when I don't want to listen to a book and just want to listen to music to keep me motivated and pumped. 

A friend recently turned me on to this amazing service. Its very similar to Spotify but its better. While its a paid subscription service ($9.99/month), it lets you download an unlimited amount of albums, artists, or songs that you like to your phone or you can opt to just stream them. This works great for discovering new music or for those times when I just want to listen to a specific artist/album and not a mix.

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