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Friday, September 18, 2009

Trail Running

When I was in medical school, I feel in love with mountain biking and exercising in the woods.

Now that I am a busy Interventional Cardiologist and father of 3 growing girls, I do not have the time to put my bike on the car and drive to a place to bike.

Instead, I have fallen in love with trial running. I'm very fortunate to live ~ 1 mile away from The Fairfield Audubon. There are miles on trails where mountain biking is not allowed but running/walking is encourage.

Trail running gets me out in nature. Its a terrific way to cross-train. It greatly improves my balance and is a terrific for strengthening my core. What can be better than running down a single-track patch, jumping over logs and roots, balancing on small wooden planks over wet lands, all while listening to the birds.

I just got back for a hard 4 miler - I feel totally rejuvenated

Here's some pictures I snapped with my BlackBerry along the way


  1. Running in the wilderness of Nature is one of the best experiences I best enjoy from life too. Excellent for the heart and soul ;-)

  2. Practically right behind your Trumbull office is the Housatonic Rail trail. Partially paved, partially packed stone dust, it is a popular location for running, hiking, and biking. It is my favorite spot for a bike ride. See http://connect.garmin.com/activity/11360854