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Friday, September 4, 2009

This Weeks Tweets

  • People w naturally thin thighs may be @ greater risk for developing heart disease & dying an early death. http://bit.ly/j9eGo
  •  September is P.A.D. Awareness Month. http://bit.ly/33peen
  • Future?: Cath all patients prior to vascular surgery http://viigo.im/0MSz
  • I believe this approach, using a wire 2 measure the pressure diff across a blockage, is the best http://viigo.im/0MSj
  • FAME at ESC: benefits of FFR hold up at 18 months -- http://viigo.im/0MSb
  • http://viigo.im/0MRY
  • First Genetic Link Between Reptile And Human Heart Evolution Discovered By Gladstone Scientists http://viigo.im/0MRJ
  • Mediterranean diet might delay need for drugs in diabetes - once again research proves that Med diet is the best http://viigo.im/0MRd
  • Only three cigarettes a day significantly increases cardiovascular disease risk http://viigo.im/0MR2
  • Although I look dorky, I always where fit-over lead glasses while doing interventions to protect my eyes http://viigo.im/0MR0
  • Statins Prevent Heart Problems after Vascular Surgery: I'm doing this 4 all my pts having vascular surgery http://viigo.im/0MOX
  • "Live healthy" = watch their weight, exercise daily, breast-feed their babies and limit alcoholic beverages http://bit.ly/QQdfy
  • Women can cut their risk of breast cancer by almost 1/2 if they live healthy http://bit.ly/QQdfy
  • Washington State Reverses Course on medicated stents, Votes Against Restricting Access http://viigo.im/0MOG
  • @Oathealth Great job getting the word out regarding heart failure. While we r making strides w heart attacks, HF cont's 2 b a huge problem
  • RT @RealAge: Genetic clues may lead 2 new melanoma cancer therapies-exciting, melanoma hit close 2 home recently: http://tinyurl.com/no9rhn
  • @dr_oneal This is what is postulated. This is why beta-blockers work too. Another option is to use exercise which naturally lowers the HR
  • Treating angina patients with a drug that slowed down their hearts lowered the risk of attacks by 42%. http://bit.ly/WnCWm
  • U.S. Life Expectancy Reaches 77.9 Years http://viigo.im/0LXO
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