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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"I'm working out but still not losing weight"

I hear this complaint frequently from my patients. 

Here are some reasons why this may be occurring:
  • You are eating too much - weight loss is all about math - you must be burning more than you are consuming 
  • You are eating the the wrong foods - eat a well balanced whole food/whole grain/mostly plant based diet, try and avoid all processed food and simple carbohydrates
  • You are not working out hard enough - High Intensity Interval Training is the key - it keeps the metabolism revved up for hours afterwards. Remember, the harder you train the shorter your workout need to be. 
  • You are doing too much cardio - too much cardio will eat away at lean muscle and force the body into endurance-focused mode which leads the body to store fat as energy
  • You are not doing strength training - there's no better way to build lean muscle mass and charge the way your body looks in the mirror
  • You are not taking time to recover - great time to do yoga, meditation or/and stretching

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