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Monday, October 6, 2014

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Risk of MI 86%

Researchers from Sweden recently reported that five lifestyle factors were each independently associated with a lower risk of MI in men.
  • Frequent physical activity (walking or cycling at least 40 minutes per day
  • Mediterranean style diet (fruits, veggies, reduced-fat dairy, whole grains, and fish)
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Not smoking 
  • Waist less than 37.4 inches
When all five of these behaviors were adhered too, the risk of MI was reduced by 86% compared with individuals who did not adhere to any of these behaviors. 

In addition
  • Diet and alcohol cut the risk by 35%
  • Diet, alcohol, and not smoking cut the risk by 64%
  • Diet, alcohol, not smoking and exercise cut the risk by 76%
So what does this show - that by adhering to the 5 above behaviors, we can dramatically reduce our risk of suffering an MI  

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