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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get/Stay Fit Month: Tweet from Dr Ted Portnay (@drportnay)

As you can read below, I have dedicated June to be get/stay fit month (#getstayfitmonth). There is no time like the present to start make positive changes in your overall health. Starting to get fit is not easy. It's painful. It takes time. It's uncomfortable. But it's worth it. 

Staying fit its hard too. It's takes a commitment and persistence to not get lazy and take the easy way out. 

I know this. I too struggle to get/stay fit. 

Therefore, all month I will be tweeting my quest to get/stay fit. I welcome you to follow along. I welcome you to share your achievements. 

Dr Ted Portnay (@drportnay) tweeted at 8:43am - 1 Jun 14:

June is #getstayfitmonth. All month I'll be tweeting my quest to #getstayfit runkeeper.com/activity?userI… (https://twitter.com/drportnay/status/473082384897028096)

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