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Monday, November 4, 2013

A letter from a patient

Here's a terrific note I just received from a patient. Helping people like this feel better is why became a Cardiologist. 

Doctor Portnay,
I just thought I'd drop you an email.  I just want to let you know that
I am feeling great, and I mean great. Somehow that little tweeking
and you telling me to increase my dosage of lasix seemed to do the
trick. The my tireness, and feeling sluggish went away.
I am in Boston and realized that I am back to being myself. I am
walking everywhere with a spring in my step.
So, I want to thank you for saving my life.  I didn't realize how sick
I was. I just plugged along going to work and my slowing down was
hardly noticeable to me.  I thought it was just some thing that happen
in the aging process. I was going down hill fast.  My decline was like some-thing one of my science teachers mentioned to me a million years ago.
Put a frog in cold water and while the heat is turned on, he will sit in the
water it he boils to death.
I was like that frog, I didn't know how sick I was or that my heart was
failing. My sister Chris, working for Cardiology saw something was
wrong with me, and I should be check you by, you specificially.

With your testing and quick action, the pacemaker was installed,
beautifully by Doctor Pittaro.  I was quickly able to get back to
work. It took a while before I noticed that my health generally was
improving. With your positive attitude, and wise counsel I was feeling
better and better.  I'm not sure but I think about a year later, you suggested getting into the Weight Mate program. I lost 40 pounds, changed my whole attitude about food and feel 20 years younger.
Another lucky break for me occurred when I turned 66 and retired.
I suddenly found myself free from the stress of work. I could now focus
on my health issues.  I feel now my future is looking brighter and brighter.
Thanks again,   see you in the spring for the next appointment.

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