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Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Tweets

 US Dept of Education 
 by drportnay
Hike it! Bike it! I like it! Taking part in Walk to School 2011 
 Dr Ted Portnay 
Women With PCOS Have Family Heart Disease Link
 Dr Ted Portnay 
PARTNER: Quality of Life Greatly Improved by Transcatheter Valve Procedure 
 Dr Ted Portnay 
OBESITY: CVD Risk Cut With Rejected Weight-Loss Drug
 Dr Ted Portnay 
Clinicians Mum on End-of-Life ICD Deactivation 
 Dr Ted Portnay 
New Blog Posting: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month
 Dr Ted Portnay 
New Approach To Keeping Coronary Arteries Open After Angioplasties 

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