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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recent tweets

  1. Aspirin, Cost-Effective Heart Disease Preventionhttp://mnt.to/f/3Rvr
  2. Drinking Reduces Heart Problems, But Beware Of Alcholismhttp://mnt.to/f/3Rxb
  3. BMI-death link is same for Asians as Europeanshttp://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Theheartorg/~3/1bImDHCH9aQ/1188959.do
  4. The Dr Ted Portnay Daily is out! http://bit.ly/eyo6B9 ▸ Top stories today via @publichealth @tuftsmedicalctr @shmlive
  5. ?Ideal' CV health extremely low among the middle-agedhttp://bit.ly/dEYGzv via Cardiology Today iPhone App
  6. Study Finds Nitroglycerin Improves Bone Densityhttp://cardiobrief.org/2011/02/22/study-finds-nitroglycerin-improves-bone-density/
  7. A good well written piece on the recent cell phone-brain connection @nprnews: Cell Phone Radio Waves Excite Brain Cells http://t.co/dyIZKTZ
  8. CDC survey: Statin use increased 23% over past two decadeshttp://tinyurl.com/4e4hnkz
  9. Reducing Medication Errors using an iPod Touch #HIMSS11http://tinyurl.com/4sbncmx
  10. Physicians Replace Diseased Heart Valve Through Small Hole In The Leg http://tinyurl.com/4e72jtp
  11. Gender Does Not Increase Risk Of Death From Heart Attackhttp://tinyurl.com/4wfgyt3
  12. Clot Risk Higher in Patients With IBDhttp://tinyurl.com/4cbztj7

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