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Friday, November 6, 2009

Stay Alert for Angina

If plaque has built up in your coronary arteries, you may experience a feeling called angina.

This is a sign that your heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen.

Angina is often referred to as "chest pain" but this can be misleading. It's not always painful and it's not always in the chest.

Angina typically occurs when you are doing something active, such as lifting a laundry basket or climbing stairs. 

The feeling usually goes away after a few minutes of rest. 

Some of the other symptoms of angina:
- discomfort, aching, tightness or pressure that comes and goes - this can be in the back, abdomen, arm, shoulder or jaw and the chest
- feeling more tired than usual
- feeling breathless while doing something easy
- heartburn, nausea or a burning sensation unrelated to eating

What should you do?

- see a cardiologist if any of the above has stated to occur

- if any of these symptoms last for more than a few minutes, you could be having a heart attack, CALL 911.

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